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action-prompt-brownwoodThe Physical Therapists at ACTION are highly trained individuals, each committed to and passionate about your rehabilitation. At ACTION, our goal is to provide quality care through sports medicine and physical therapy. Our staff work closely with your physician to develop a physical therapy program specific for you that will maximize your recovery. Through evaluations, treatment, and attentive care, we will get you on the road to recovery as we educate you how to manage your recovery and prevent re-injury. We are genuinely interested in improving your quality of life.

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Action Sports Medicine & Physical Therapy
919 Early BLVD, Suite 1A
Early, TX 76802
(325) 646-9900

Our Staff:

staff7Scott King, PT

staff9Chris Evans, PTA

staff10Cody Gifford, PT Tech

staff11Heather Skaggs and
Staci Brodbeck